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Bio Mart LLC

Our first successful project!


Company: “Bio Mart” LLC
Activity: Production of Organic Beans
Location: Village Marana, Gori Municipality, Shida Kartli


A joint project of the Association of Organic Agricultural Producers of Georgia and “Bio Mart” was implemented in May-August, 2018 in village of Marana of Gori Municipality.


Within the framework of the project, the association has supported “Bio Mart” to develop a business plan and to implement organic production methods. On the 250 sq. m. land plot the company produced Batumela beans.

The cooperation of “Bio Mart” and our association does not end here! At this stage we will assist the company in the sale of the harvest. In the future, “Bio Mart” will have the opportunity to use the existing resources in our organization. We will direct our joint efforts to develop the company and support to achieve its goals.


We wish „Bio Mart” LLC good luck! Thank you for your trust!