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Raising Awareness on Organic Production and Organic Products Selling Opportunities

Program Start Date

June 1, 2018

Program End Date

September 30, 2018

Location of Project Implementation

Samegrelo, Guria, Adjara, Kakheti, Shida Kartli



The project is funded by the Food and Agriculture SME Support Initiative, FASSI, which is a EU-funded project implemented by the consortium under the guidance of the Georgian Farmers Association (GFA). Consortium members are: Civil Development Agency (CiDA), International School of Economics (ISET), Export Development Association (EDA) and Association “Atinati” (ATINATI). Project beneficiaries are small and medium entrepreneurs producing agricultural products and food products, business support organizations and farmers.

The main goal of FASSI is to strengthen business support organizations (BSOs) in the field of food and agriculture to further their effect on small and medium enterprises (SME) in such areas as meeting regulations of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA), access to the EU market improving business relations in both, within and outside the country. In addition to financial support, FASSI provides technical assistance to business support organizations: at least 30 organizations will undertake training in food safety and organizational development.



  • Find existing or potential organic-producers throughout Georgia to increase their awareness about the practices and technologies of organic production;
  • Support those farmers who meet standards and are interested in organic production, to sell products on European markets;
  • Encourage beginner farmers to implement to organic-production methods.

The purpose and objectives of the program are in full agreement with the idea of establishing our association, which is focused on the development of organic agriculture in Georgia by strengthening the theoretical and technical knowledge of small and medium entrepreneurs (farmers) involved in agriculture. In turn, development involves connecting farmers, who produce high quality organic products in accordance with international standards and best practices, to potential buyer on the European market.



  • Arranging meetings with farmers to provide information on organic production technologies, benefits of organic production, producing and packaging;
  • Preparing business plans for selected farmers;
  • Developing informational online platforms.



  • Awareness of the farmers on benefits of organic productions and packaging technologies will be raised;
  • Over 40 small and medium entrepreneurs will receive agronomic consultations on production technologies of biologically pure products that are in compliance with European standards;
  • Business plans for farmers will be developed;
  • Information on organic production, popularization and EU export will be distributed through internet and social networks, to reach about 1,000 interested farmers.