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About Us

In December 2017, non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal entity founded in Georgia, the Association of Georgian Organic Agricultural Producers of Georgia, was created with an enthusiastic idea, which implies:

  • Promotion of organic production methods throughout the country;
  • Reducing the harmful effects of conventional agriculture on human and environmental health.



Our vision is to create a healthy future for Georgia and aspire to:

  • To promote local organic production in small and medium-sized farmers, producers of agriculture products, cooperatives and households by raising awareness about organic agriculture practices;
  • Providing technical support for member organizations, promoting sustainable methods for the production of agricultural products;
  • Increase awareness on the advantages of locally produced organic products and on environmental benefits of organic production;
  • Become a bridge between the organic producers of Georgia and local or international customers.



Our mission is to develop production of organic agriculture products in Georgia.



  • Utilization of organic agriculture products production potential of Georgia;
  • Agriculture adapted to the changing climate;
  • Avoiding the use of harmful chemical substances;
  • Sustainable agriculture;
  • Introduction of new practices in agriculture;
  • Promote the production of non-genetically modified products;
  • Care for human health;
  • Environmental care;
  • Creating a healthy living environment.



  • Developing and strengthening cooperation with local and foreign donor organizations and associations;
  • Conduct research on organic food production in Georgia and carry out relevant activities with the partner and member organizations;
  • Raising awareness about the importance of organic food in agro-producers and in society.